lost + found: media archeology runs october 21-31 in seattle at the film forum 1515 12th Ave (capitol hill between pike & pine). the relay project is in the house. check it:

the first issue is slowly creeping into retail locations. first stop: other music 15 e 4th st, new york city.

we received a nice notice after our visit to portland…...

“As I listened to the diverse collection of clips, I thought of how very few of my regular experiences were relegated strictly to the ears. Most of my human communications are by email or face to face, and telephone conversations are usually tempered by distracting, mundane activities. To relax my other senses was to make my ears particularly sensitive, and the subtle charms of the magazine began to reveal themselves. Just that slight of a shift in absorbing information was enough to affect a change all day in how I listened to the world. ”

read the full review…....

Friday, October 22, 2004 • posted by rg

The Relay Project is out and about at AFFAIR we are sharing hotel room 235 with Clear Cut Press, a small publisher located in astoria, oregon the weather is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the finished copies of the magazine are beautiful. we will be accepting online orders for one issue and subscriptions within a week. break out the bottles of champagne and honest tea (ginger decaf for me please) and break them across bows.

congratulations to TRP #1 contributor gregory whitehead on his recent sony radio academy gold award.

Sunday, October 3, 2004 • posted by rg